Slot Symbols

Before playing the game you must know the meaning of the symbols used in slots, slot tips and should know the way to get to the lead in the real money online slot games. The virtual reel in online slots comprises of many symbols. Some of these are a part of the game. However, some are special because they are associated with special payouts and rounds.

Scatter symbols

While playing online slot games for real money you will encounter the scatter symbols, which are related to the theme of that particular game. Providers of online casino software use better and superior technology. You can also come across animated symbols.

Difference between scatter symbols and other slot symbols

There are some differences between the scatter symbols and the regular symbols used in online slot games. The main differences are given as follows:

  • Scatter symbols need not appear on the active payoff line for giving the result
  • Wild symbols cannot replace scatter symbols.

Scatter symbols generally pay out when more than three symbols appear on the reels. The payout enhances with each symbol adjoined in the combination. For instance, the Aladdin slots might payout five dollars for three symbols and forty doallrs for 4 scatter symbols and two hundred dollars for 5 symbols.

The payout table displays this information as well. Check out the amount that you can win for different symbols and hope that maximum symbols appear on the reel. These symbols multiply the whole bet in place of the line bet. It implies that if you play all the pay lines then you have better chances of winning bigger scatter payouts.

Wild Symbols

These symbols also pay out huge amount of cash rewards. These symbols can create a number of pay lines and these are well liked among the slot players. A very fine tip from my side would be that, you should keep looking for wild symbols as these can improve your game.

Bonus Symbols

Bonus symbols are present in many video slots. Generally, you will get these symbols while playing the video slots and these will start a bonus slot game that will happen within the normal game.

The most common symbol found on online gambling websites is the scatter symbol. If you are fortunate in getting three or more symbols on your screen, then you can set off a bonus slot game, which will lead to additional prizes. You will need a handful of scatter symbols. However, they can come out anywhere on the screen.