Slots Strategies

Not every player requires an advanced strategy for playing slots. However, it is good idea to study these to know more about slot machines.

Strategy of standard deviation

A complicated mathematical equation is employed in this strategy to decide the best probability for winning a spin on the slots. Many players love to employ the complex formulas, yet you can do the basics in your head just with a bit of practice. This will help you to get an idea about the strategy.

The steps used in the strategy

  • Step 1: You should find a slot machine with 'Equal Pay'

    This machine will pay an amount related to the amount of coins, which you wager on one line. For instance, a payout of ten coins will be given for one coin bet. This machine pays out forty coins for a four-coin wager.

  • Step 2: You should decide the standard amount of spins amid wins

    Little time is consumed in this step and it is suggested that you should play with minimum amount when you do this to reduce the probable loses.

  • Step 3: You should record the standard number after ten spins

After ten winning spins, you will be able to calculate the average spins amid the winning spins, while you have the amount of spins amid the wins. Suppose you find that wins generally occurs amid eight and fourteen spins, then this implies that standard deviation is 11 spins.

After you apply this strategy to a slot machine with higher payback percentage and enhance your bets with the numbers of standard deviation then you will find out that there is an opportunity to win extra spins as well.

One-Play Strategy

This strategy is very effective and is simple as compared to the policy of standard deviation. The main soul of this policy is that you should play the optimal amount possible on the machine. You can play again if you win, otherwise try another machine.

Always select an 'equal play' machine. This way all your wins will be proportional to the bets.

This is a simple strategy and you should play the maximum wager on the machines. If the slot machine pays out one to three times of your bet then you should play again. If it again pays out four or more times of your bet then you play again for three times.

Many people do not believe in the strategy of one-play and favor to sit at similar machines for long hours. This can be fun; however, this will not help to win.