What Is Payout?

The main thing, which is crucial for slot players' winning or not, is securely hidden inside the slot machine body and is namely Random Number Generator (RNG). This is a special mechanism that generates a huge amount of random numbers series and in such way determines which one of slot symbols combinations would appear on the reels.

In other words, this is exactly RNG that defines slots payout and gamblers' slots odds of hitting online slots bonus jackpot. The odds value should be noted on all slot machines in order to inform players about possible payouts' size.

Each slot machine provides its own specific record of winning slot symbols combinations (players could learn them in pay table list) that could come out on pay lines. Commonly, the symbols combination, which offers the highest slots payout, is called the jackpot.

There is a widely considered rule that if you want to hit the jackpot, you should play maximum coin bets, which could be explained really simply: the more you insert into slot machine, the larger odds of your winning are.

Slots payout and slots odds calculations

In order to explain a general scheme how to calculate slots odds, which are associated with certain levels of slots payout, let us introduce you a simple example. Assuming that slot machine has 10 symbols and is equipped with 3 reels, the slots odds of hitting the same symbol on each reel (so they form the winning combination on the pay line) are 1 in 103 while in case of 5 reel slot machine the value of odds is much lower and reaches 1 in 105.

Generally, payout percentages could vary from 80% to 97% in highly competitive gambling markets in Atlantic City or Las Vegas.

Slots payout common misunderstandings

There are some widespread misunderstandings concerning slots payout, which could be rather confusing both for experienced gamblers and slot newbies.

  • Some players base their playing strategies according to the principle, which is usually called 'due jackpots' and states the following: if slot machine has not paid out for significantly long time, it is more likely that players would hit the jackpot soon.

    Actually, it is very difficult to perceive that the statement is wrong, but try to think logically and recollect that Random Number Generator, which determines outcomes of the game, has no memory and thus, does not care about previous results. It means that the distribution of jackpot winning combinations does not depend on the past data by no means.

  • Some players, who observe the note 92% payout in a slot machine's pay table, might think that it means they would be winners in 92 cases of 100. Sounds really good but it is complete rubbish. In reality the payout percentage shows how much slot machine pays out from the amount which players put inside it. To make it clear, a $1 slot apparatus with 95% payout would pay out only 95 cents for each $1 inserted into it and in this case 5% is considered as casino's margin profit.