Slots Types

You can find a number of slots in casinos nowadays. Here are some of the slots, which are common in most of the casinos.

Common slots in present casinos


These slot machines acknowledge multi-coin bets. You can play with one or more than one coin. Your winning combination will be proportionate to your bet. A double coin bet, will double your win and it is same for the triple coin bet. Jackpot is an exception as it is the highest combination that is paid when you bet the maximum coins. This is repeatedly higher than the direct proportion. Single coin machines nearly disappeared from the modern casinos.

Wild Symbols Multipliers:

These are also multiple-coin machines and consist of a wild symbol along with other symbols. These symbols can be a substitute for any additional symbol. As a rule, a wild symbol can also enhance the amount of the winning combination. These wild symbols come in different shapes like ellipses and diamonds. If you get double diamonds then it will double the winnings and triple diamonds will triple and so on. These symbols make the game more excitement.


These machines have fewer pay lines as compared to a traditional one. Generally, there are three pay lines. You can also find machines with 2 extra diagonal payoff lines. Thus, you get a sum of five lines for hitting your winning combination.

Buy- your-pay

This machine comprises of a single payline. These accept multiple coins and have diverse winning combinations for diverse bet sizes. If you play with a single coin, you will not win a jackpot. An example of this kin of machine is the Blazing Sevens.


These are also multi-coin machines and have a jackpot that is determined by the amount of coins the players have put in since the time it was a hit. The jackpot is continuously changing with each coin played. Jackpots are shown in dollar amount and not by the amount of coins. A number of progressives are generally connected in a single system with the same jackpot. This can be won from every machine in that group. In this way, players get the opportunity to win multimillion jackpots.

Video Slots:

This kind of slots gained recognition in 1980s. There are many kinds of video slots. These do not have any spinning reels like the traditional machine. You will just see a computer replication of reels that spin on a screen. These slots offer many popular games like poker, blackjack, keno, craps and many more thrilling games.