Slots Superstitions

Slots Superstitions

Slot machines are simple computers, which are designed to generate haphazard symbols on a sequence of reels. Thos might or might not bring out the winning combination. Here is a record of common superstitions of slot players. Some may seem very silly, but many players actually apply these to their game.

Some of the common superstitions

1. Soldier on your feet

According to this superstition, you will be luckier while playing slots when you stand up instead of sitting down. While playing online casino this is not a problem. The main theory is that is a player gets more comfortable then the machine know it and then it bring a bad luck streak as you are not worried about get up for the next slot.

2. Get them when they are hot

Players believe that if you heat your coins prior to putting them in, then the machine will hit a jackpot. On the other hand, some players insist of freezing the coins for hitting the jackpot. The common superstitions are getting harder to theorize as most slots take in dollar bills nowadays.

3. Fresh off the Presses

The most common superstition is this one as the players theorize that casinos permit higher payouts on the machines that have been introduced off late. This implies that new machines will give better payback percentages. This superstition is loved by the casinos as they keep the seats filled when a new machine is introduced. However, this myth is not true at all.

4. Location

Players believe that slot machines, which are positioned at the entry of the casinos offers looser paybacks as compared to the ones positioned in the middle. This can be true to certain limits as casinos might employ this strategy to create more exciting and thrilling atmosphere for the players entering into the doors.

The worst slot superstition

5. Time will tell

This is possibly the worst superstition. According to this, a machine ought to hit jackpot eventually. However, this eventually can be a week, or else a month, or a year as well. However, you must know that playing on a machine for hours does not guarantee to win you a big jackpot before the end of the night.

6. You cannot see me

Some players in fact avoid using another player's card, as they believe that the management will tell the machine to stop paying in case you are winning more than a limit. This is ridiculous as the machines are actually powered by random number generators that give out random outcomes.